2017 Winter Magic Market

Children enjoyed the carnival rides, treats and entrainment on offer. Parents and visitors had a fabulous variety of gourmet foods and beverages to savour, with entertainment provided by talent from within our community and visiting artists. The market was well attended and a considerable crowd enjoyed the hospitality of our school community across the six hours of the event. The quality of art, gorgeous hand made goods, second hand books and delicious homemade preserves and cakes meant there was something on offer for most people attending. Visitors had a tasty array of foods to choose from including mouth-watering spit roast, tacos, vegetable curries, gourmet sausages, pizza and pancakes on the menu.  Rolling showers and a heavy burst of rain at dusk did not deter those attending the market from enjoying a great time. People were happy to find warmth in the musical entertainment, open fires and the welcoming smiles of BNWPS community members serving behind the stalls. Once again the Brunswick North West community proved it could organise and run successfully a major, multi-facetted event, with a depth of quality and friendliness much appreciated by the wider community. We should all feel very proud when visiting parents and staff from other schools and kindergartens expressed astonishment at BNWPS’s capacity to operate such a grand event! The market is certainly a highlight for many of our children. There was an excited buzz across the school last week in anticipation of the popular event. There has been much chatter since the market as children has talked enthusiastically about the rides, treats, face painting, glow sticks, biscuits decorating, Leggo creations, disco and much more.