Winter Magic Market.....a great success & lots of fun!

This was a huge event! We invited a lot of guests to come and enjoy the company and warmth of our school community on Saturday, and from all reports, our visitors departed having enjoyed a great time. There was delicious food to savour and a range of drinks to entice, all whilst sitting near an open fire enjoying the company of friends and family. The level of industry across the food stalls was relentless until the concluding minutes of the market. The undercover bar and art room wine bar each exuded their own expression of conviviality, and the quality of the entertainment was one of the many highlights of the day. The sunset we enjoyed provided an ochre backdrop to the increasing glow and wonder of the fairy lights, as the market passed through the twilight to become the dark, vibrant evening affair we all appreciate. As the gravity of the event picked up, past marketeers began commenting on the sizable increase in the crowd this year and the busyness of food and drink vendors to keep up with demand. Runners where being sent out to source additional supplies and most food and drink stalls where scrapping the bottom of the barrel by 7.45pm.  It was fabulous to see our children enjoying themselves so much on rides and inflatables. Toffee apples tinted smiles adorned many youngsters faces, adding to the kaleidoscope of colour created with painted faces, all framed with a smear of tomato sauce from a sausage long since devoured. The oval became a fun filled, wonderland, for the children with thrills and adventure to be enjoyed. More than any previous Market, children have been commenting on how much fun they enjoyed this year’s event. 


Thank you to all the school community members who contributed their time and energy to ensure the market was a great success.


Thanks to our wonderful visitors who attended the market and supported our fabulous primary school!