Body Safe Program

It was great to see so many parents and carers in attendance at Wednesday night’s Body Safety Workshop! It is well known that the parent and carer community at BNWPS is highly engaged in the school program, but it is still always pleasing to see so many people positioning themselves as lifelong learners with the intention of improving their child’s future.

I hope that for those who were present, Wednesday night was a confirmation that this program and the organisation that is delivering the program is exactly what our school requires. With massive and rapid changes occurring in regards to how people socialise and relate to each other, the support we provide young people in how to navigate their way through society both safely and respectfully must be clear, current and effective. In addition to this, statistics of unwanted or unsafe behaviours are increasing at alarming rates; addressing these trends is urgent.

Thinking back to our own childhoods, I don’t think it is new information that many young people learn about sex and related values through more avenues than just the family home. School is hopefully a positive influencer, but the learning that occurs through media and cultural norms is hard to manage if children don’t feel they can talk openly with a trusted adult without retribution. Another avenue young people use to obtain new information about sex is their peers, but the information supplied by our children’s peers is also hard to manage and the untrue or unsafe information that can be shared around peer groups has the potential to spread in dangerous ways.

By employing an organisation such as Body Safety, we can rest assured that experts in this field are not only providing our children with the best skills and information required, but they engaging the wider community to support each child’s development of lifelong relationship skills and preventative strategies.

Many parents have commented on how closely the practices of Body Safety seem to align with BNWPS’s existing culture, programs and processes; this synergy was one of the many reasons we elected Body Safety as the right organisation for us. Another reason – their level of inclusion. Considerations and adaptations are made to reflect the culture, community and needs within each classroom. The Body Safety & Unique Sexuality programs delivered work in harmony with all cultures and belief systems. Nothing shared or imparted is value-loaded; providing families with the opportunity to instil their own personal values in conjunction with the facts learnt at school.

Here we can work together on providing children and young people with the language, facts and skills that are positive, true and empowering and will allow them to safely express themselves and connect with others for the rest of their lives.

Hannah Reid 

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