2018 Class placement requests due

  • Date
  • November 17,2017

  • Time
  • 16:00:00 - 16:00:00

Growth is exciting for many reasons – it creates opportunities in our education program that are not always available in small schools. Growth also means change and managing our growth has been a priority for School Council for the past few years. One of the changes that is informed by our growth is around class placements. As per the Class Placement policy, we seek parent/caregiver input for class placements when special consideration is required for your child.

To manage and streamline the incoming requests effectively, we have created a Google Form for parents to complete if they believe special consideration is required in placing their child into a particular class environment or dynamic. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any requests that are not considered essential for the positive learning and wellbeing outcomes of our students.

However, we know that your children are all special and precious and the staff at BNW take class placement very seriously! We spend hours considering what is the best educational placement for each individual student as well as the class as a whole. We are developing a dynamic and exciting workforce plan to cater to the individual needs of students at differing year levels and trust that all students will find happiness and knowledge in their classes next year.

You can find the Google Form at http://bit.ly/ClassFormation2018

All requests are due by 4pm Friday November 17th, as we start our placement process on the following Monday. If you are unsure if you should be completing the Google Form or not, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher, Tim or Hannah.

If you have already submitted a placement request, not on the Google form, please speak with your child’s teacher to see if you should complete the Google form.