Welcome from the Principal

Our School Values – Respect, Connectedness, Resilience, Achievement, Creativity, Integrity, Responsibility, Equity.

The happiness and development of our children is at the center of all that we do in our school community at Brunswick North West Primary. These wonderful young people are the reason and purpose behind all of the structures, organisation and effort which fills the daily life of our school. The Primary School experience for every child should be rich with fun, interest, curiosity and engagement. This is a wonderful time in their lives and our children are fortunate to be surrounded with supportive adults who want to ensure their time at school is enjoyable and successful. Brunswick North West Primary School seeks to maximise the learning opportunity for every child. We work to develop skills, attitudes and understandings foundational to future learning and a rich experience in employment and leisure activity in the years to come.

A school is an intensely social dynamic. Interwoven into the academic learning experience is the ongoing development of personal understanding about self, and respectful, cooperative relationships with other children and adults. Our school community believes that social learning and academic growth are mutually dependent, and that classroom and playground activity supports the growth of personal and interpersonal development, as well as the ability to read and write and manipulate numbers. Our school stands as a tangible expression of community and the way people can work together to create a positive and supportive lifestyle and school environment. The parents at Brunswick North West work in partnership with staff to provide an interesting and engaging learning experience for our children. Parents support this learning by being actively engaged in a wide range of committees, classroom helper programs, fundraising and voluntary roles. The connections between people are honest and real and there is a strong connection to our local and greater environment.

This environmental consciousness is lived out each day in the way we manage resources, waste and our energy consumption. Our school has extensive grounds which allow children to play in a natural environment surrounded by gardens and areas of bush. There is an environmental education program which uses the skills of knowledge of a trained environmental educator to support learning in sustainability and student involvement in a productive food garden. This also supports understandings in healthy food choices. Our canteen, Sprout, uses our kitchen garden in the many healthy foods provided for children and school community members. Sprout is also a great meeting place for parents who enjoy the espresso coffee and delicious snacks and treats.

Whether you are exploring our school online, coming along for a tour, or you already enjoy the rich community life of our school, I welcome you to Brunswick North West Primary School.

Trevor Bowen