Environmental Education Program

Environment learning is formally taught by classroom teachers and is a prominent component in the cycle of integrated topics covered by teachers in the planned cycle of learning. Environmental learning is also one of the ‘through lines’ which has an emphasis in the classroom on a regular basis. Learning in this area is supported by classroom structures which nominate duties regarding energy management, recycling and waste management responsibilities to children. Children have a natural passion for environmental learning and topics and issues for discussion and investigation come into the life of a classroom on a regular basis.

Brunswick North West Primary School employs a garden and environmental educator to operate a garden based program for children. This program aims to assist the school in establishing and maintaining an environmentally sustainable productive food garden. The program also aims to integrate the garden into the school curriculum with garden based activities which support healthy food choices and develop knowledge about ecosystems and our connection to the natural world. This program engages the school community with a number of parents involved in regular garden and maintenance work around the school. The school is very fortunate to have an active group of parents and grandparents who work tirelessly to create an attractive and safe environment for our children.