The school has a yearly program of promotion and enrolment aiming to support parents with the decision of school placement. We believe our school offers parents an excellent option in finding a school which suits their children and meets the needs of their families. We endeavour to support this process by supplying extensive information, personalised meeting with the principal and student lead tours of operating classrooms and learning activities.

We also conduct a number of information evenings and open days which invite prospective parents to discussion sessions and classrooms visits to get a ‘feel’ for the daily life of our school community. Parents are also invited to come along for a coffee at Sprout to hear a ‘warts and all’ description of involvement in our school from parents with children currently involved. Please feel free to drop by for a coffee and treat after 9.00am on a Friday in particular, or visit our school for our whole school assembly on Friday afternoon at 3.10pm each week. We aim to have enrolments listed for the following year by August.

This allows up to engage with the new enrolments in the Prep at School program which takes place in November, and gives each child the opportunity to experience school life in preparation for commencement of their time at school in the following year. Please contact the office via the phone numbers listed on this website if you are interested in enrolment at Brunswick North West Primary School. We would love to meet you and your family and discuss how our school programs and community can support you and your children in achieving the best outcomes with their early school life and learning.