Welcome to the BNWPS Website

Welcome to the Brunswick North West Primary School community website.


Our school community exudes a vibrant life and energy in the daily work of providing children with a quality school experience.


Brunswick North West Primary School seeks to achieve the following:

  • To provide a caring and safe environment for children, where the school values are lived out in the relationships of children, parents and staff.
  • The development of enthusiastic, inquisitive children, who are curious about investigating their world using the abilities cultivated through an engaging school experience.
  • To engage in a supportive partnership with parents and careers, which encourages parent involvement in the learning process and the community life of our school.


This website aims to provide current school families and potential parents with information and insight into the ongoing life of our school community. Please enjoy reading about our school ethos and our approach to learning and the management of student wellbeing. There is also exciting information about the many ways parents can participate in the learning partnership and contribute their talents and time to this school community.


Parents and staff at Brunswick North West Primary School all work towards the same shared purpose. To create and support a caring and welcoming school, where parents, children, staff and the broader community work together to sustain a positive learning environment, in which confident and happy children develop a love of learning and sense of their value as individuals and members of our community. This website is a means of sharing with our parents and friends what we are doing to achieve this purpose, and how our school community expresses its support for the ongoing personal and academic growth of children.