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Student Wellbeing

BNWPS Student Wellbeing & Behaviour Management policy

Developmental Management - Background to BNWPS Student Management Approach

BNWPS Child Safe Policy

DET School's Privacy Policy

The natural laws governing stick play at BNWPS


Teaching and Learning


BNWPS Information Communication & Technology Policy

 School Documentation

BNWPS 2017 Annual Report

BNWPS 2018 AIP Summary

BNWPS School Strategic Plan 2017-2020

School Community

2018 School Council membership 

BNWPS 2018 Planner Calendar



Major Building Projects Information

Inclusive Schools Fund Playground

New Productive Garden

School Organisation

BNWPS Class Formation policy 2018

BNWPS School Council & SC Subcommittees

BNWPS 2018 Foundation Student enrolment procedure & Timeline

2018 BNWPS Policies

BNWPS Public Domain Policy

BNWPS Communication & Complaints Policy

BNWPS Communication & Complaint Flowchart


General Information

School Office Information
2018 Map of Brunswick North West Primary School
2018 Sprout Canteen Menu Term 3
2018 Sprout Canteen Parent & Carer Information