Foodweb Education

Foodweb Education | Edible gardens for eco-literacy.

Foodweb Education is a curriculum-aligned, garden-based program that uses school food gardens as the focal point for integrating practical experiences with science learning as the basis for an active sustainability education.

The key pillar of the Foodweb approach is incorporating foundational science education into each lesson, so that our students develop a solid understanding of the processes that sustain life.

The food garden provides a rich educational setting for learning practical and social skills as well as a living laboratory to discover and explore the processes on which we, and all life on Earth, depend.

Our Foodweb Educators engage classes with hands-on learning experiences:
Gardening and cooking provide opportunities for unmediated experience and exploration, weaving science into fun, everyday activities.

Every student at BNWPS will get the chance to experience:

  • Science learning through ecosystems ecology (eco-literacy);
  • Practical gardening and cooking lessons;
  • Conceptual tools for understanding and adapting to environmental and social change;
  • Practical skills to proactively engage with Earth learning.

Foodweb Folk are ―curious ―critical ―creative learners.

WE ❤ VOLUNTEERS! Please contact our Foodweb Educator Alicia Flynn, if you are keen and able to help out –